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Manufacturers and suppliers of goods

Manufacturers and suppliers of goods.

You are a manufacturer or supplier of goods and want to open an additional sales channel... The Express 90 online store offers its platform for selling your goods on mutually beneficial terms. Unlike huge marketplaces, we are not going to create meaningless competition among sellers, so we will enter into agreements only with some of them, by product category. To have 2-3 sellers in one category. This will be beneficial for both sellers and the online store. It is better to have 3 sellers with a large assortment than 1000 sellers with one product name.

We offer a simple cooperation scheme, without warehouse and other costs! You supply us with a small batch of goods, we place your goods on the display and after sale, we transfer you the income from its sale. For the entire process, we will keep 10% of the proceeds. The second option is Dropshipping. It looks like this: You provide us only with content, photos and videos of your products. We place it on the display. And after the sale, you send the product itself to the client from your warehouse. After the customer receives the goods, we transfer the money to you, minus our 10% commission.

For a small cost, you will have your own page on the website of the online store, where we will describe all the advantages and benefits of purchasing your products, the release of new collections and other useful properties. We will advertise the brand, post information about production and anything else you wish.